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We are Geoff and Rita Summers and we live and work in Colorado Springs, CO. We both moved here in August of 1986 (as singles), Rita from Illinois and Geoff from Oregon. We met at Glen Eyrie, the world headquarters of The Navigators, and former estate of General William Jackson Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs. We have been married since August of 1988, currently have no children, but hope to in the future. Geoff is currently unemployed and Rita volunteers with the Caring Ministries of our church and does some crafts at home. We enjoy the Colorado lifestyle - camping and hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. We don't do a lot of those things, but it's nice to be able to do them when we want.

The purpose of this web site is to give our family and friends a way to keep in touch with us as well as to give Geoff something to play around with when he's bored at work.

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View of Pikes Peak One of the benefits of living in Colorado Springs is our view of Pikes Peak. When we were looking for a house to buy, we tried to make sure we got one with a view of the hills and mountains. This was rather easy to do since most of the homes in Colorado Springs have some sort of view of the front range.

This is the view from our office window on the second floor of our home. (The view from the first floor ain't bad either!)

Click on the picture to reload this page with a current view of Pikes Peak.

If you'ld like to contact us via e-mail, we can be reached at: But, whether you choose to contact us or not, we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit us at our web site, and may God richly bless you!
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